Throwback Thursday: The Lumineers

My love for alternative rock stems from The Lumineers and their first album.

I remember one of my favorite actors (Colton Haynes) posting a screenshot of the song “Slow It Down” onto his instagram page when I was in high school, so I decided to check the album out, because I never heard of them before.  They were my gateway into listening to different music, and I am forever thankful for them.  The Lumineers are comprised of founding members Wesley Schultz (guitar, lead vocals) and Jeremiah Fraites (drums, percussion).  They were joined by Neyla Pekarek (cello, vocals) in 2010.

The Lumineers

The Lumineers (2012)

The album opens up with a short song called “Flowers in Your Hair.”  It starts the album off with a very old school feel, and sets the tone for the rest of the songs.  From the lyrics, down to the production, it captivates you.

The third song, “Submarines,” tells the story of Schultz’s grandfather seeing a submarine and everyone labeling him a liar.  The second verse is as follows: “I did spy a periscope, dead of night on the eastern coast, the police made them jokes, told me I’d seen a ghost, everyone thinks I’m a liar, no one knows the truth, if it was a bigger fire, I would be on the roof.”

Following this track is one of the most beautiful love songs, “Dead Sea.”  “You told me I was like the dead sea, you’ll never sink when you are with me.”  Schultz puts a lot of himself and his experiences into his music.  The music he writes tends to be about his life, or stories others have told him about theirs.

Next, is The Lumineers’s biggest single, “Ho Hey.”  This song reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the last week of the year 2012, and it remained on the chart for 62 weeks.

The eighth track, “Big Parade,” The Lumineers take us back in time to the 1960s, singing about John. F Kennedy, as the blue-eyed boy from the United States.  The rest of the five-minute story speaks of many other American traditions like civil war, faith, and music.

The Lumineers 2013

The album ends with the heart wrenching “Morning Song.”  A song that outlines the details of a break up.  Schultz asks many questions in the song, asking his former lover if it was easier for her to leave than to stay and fix their relationship.  He goes through the emotions, jealously, resentment, bitterness.

To this day, The Lumineers, is one of my favorite albums.  Listen to it on Spotify here.


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