Artist Spotlight: Ben Howard

Ben Howard is an acoustic singer/songwriter from South Devon, England.  He is largely influenced by his love for surfing and the culture surrounding it.  Other influences include Donovan, Richie Havens, and Joni Mitchell.  Howard dropped out of college six months before graduation, he was studying journalism.  He was convinced to pursue music instead.

Ben Howard I Forget Where We Were

Howard’s music has the melancholy feel of Benjamin Francis Leftwich, but the bigness of Dermot Kennedy.  Howard’s music builds throughout each song, and each time you listen you get more invested in what he has to say to the world.

Howard released his first album, Every Kingdom, in 2011.  Since then, he has amassed over four million monthly Spotify listeners.  His song “Only Love” off of Every Kingdom, has close to 135 million listens.

Howard has not released an album since his U.K. number 1 sophomore album, I Forget Where We Were, in 2014, where he took more of an electric approach.  He is not currently on tour, but we’re not so patiently awaiting new music.

Listen to Ben Howard on Spotify here.


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