Album Alert: Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – Live at Red Rocks

On November 9th, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats released their first ever live album, Live at Red Rocks.  The album encompasses their entire set of 18 songs, and features the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.  NR&TNS are a retro-rock, folk band.  Their songs feature Rateliff’s iconic raspy, soulful voice, paired with smooth harmonies.

It makes sense that they would choose to record the album at their stop in Red Rocks, for the band hails from Colorado.  You can feel the energy through the speakers.  Live albums are either a hit or miss, but personally I always love them.   Hearing live music, there’s nothing like it.  You can hear the passion in the music that they play, and the love they have for their art.

Stream Nathanial Rateliff & The Night Sweats on Spotify here.


Album Alert: Wonderful Wonderful

The Killers are back.

I repeat.


On September 22, 2017, The Killers made their comeback with their fifth studio album, Wonderful Wonderful.  This album earned them their first ever number one, and it is well deserved.  The politically charged powerhouse of a record resonates with many feelings people have today about government and politics.

The Killers in Concert

It’s been a long nine years since Day & Age, but the wait was definitely worth it when you hear the opening notes of the title track.

The debut single for the album was “The Man,” back in June.  The song dominated alternative rock radio all summer.  The second single “Run For Cover” followed, and is the poster child for the message of the record.

Wonderful Wonderful sounds reminiscent of their older albums, as if they are getting back to their roots.  In my opinion, this is their best album since Sam’s Town.

The Killers are timeless, and one of the biggest rock bands of the century so far.  They have given the millennial generation so many anthems that we will be listening to for the next 50 years, like “Mr.  Brightside,” “When You Were Young,” “Somebody Told Me,” and so many more.  They are one of the few versatile bands that can release alternative rock songs, but make it to the top 40 easily.  Other acts that can do this are Imagine Dragons and Bastille, but not on the same scale as The Killers.

The Killers are so big, and loved by so many, they can headline venues like Madison Square Garden and Wembley Stadium, and headline musical festivals like Governors Ball, without even releasing new music and everyone knows all of the words.  I saw The Killers headline at Governors Ball in the summer of 2016, and hearing 80 thousand people sing alone to every song was something I will never forget.  They put on such a great show, and to this day they will be one of the best live performers I have ever seen.  The way Brandon Flowers (lead vocals, piano) commands the stage is something every up and coming tock band should look at, and take notes.

Take a listen to the #1 Album, Wonderful Wonderful, on Spotify here.